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AEFAZ Sdn Bhd is committed to consistently imparting quality services to our customers, creating value for our stakeholders and contributing to the sustainability of the industry.

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Commodities We Trade

We understand that every market is different. Our network of teams at the areas we operate works closely with our customers to identify and develop solutions which work best for them, help-ing them to manage physical risks and optimize opportunities


Transporting oil from production sites to demand regions takes a robust and comprehensive supply chain that includes maritime transport and storage sites.

Shipping of diesel oil and feed-stock is an absolutely priority and is at the core of our business. As such, transportation is an essential part of our operations Shipping oil requires advanced technical expertise and excellent coordination. Our priority at every step in the transport process is to ensure the safety of our employees, the environment, our ships and our cargo. Through our joint venture partners who operates and invests in an interconnected system to deliver all our products to their final destinations.


We procure our products: Gas Oil, Crude Oil, AGO, LNG/LPG, Petcoke, from our related sources (such as refineries, Crude suppliers and traders), sell and resale either as raw commodity to our customers or refine to the benefit of end-users. We further have diesel oil trading specialist in our staff with first- hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long term relationships with supplying sources and buyers, and they are actively involved in developing projects, related to existing and new gas oil flow and other products.

AEFAZ is a significant participant in global refined oil markets and refined commodities are the largest part of AEFAZ total energy portfolio.

AEFAZ trades globally. We have a presence and on the ground expertise wherever oil is produced, traded, stored and supplied to customers. We have local partners in countries around the world covering everywhere from Johor Bahru to Perlis. Having a presence on the ground is key to our approach to getting first- hand information as it happens and sharing that information, quickly and efficiently.

We believe that we offer a competitive advantage because we have the flexibility, speed and logistics expertise that our customers need and expect. More than 7 years experience of turning market intelligence into market advantage as well as our extensive links with all the major producers and refiners means that we are able to work with existing and new streams in any part of the world.

We also help our customers manage their physical requirements, all within an overall commitment to the development of long term relationships that benefit all parties.

To offer all these services, AEFAZ has established a Network of Cooperation’s worldwide.

Our Business Solutions

Marine Gas Oil

Our premium Marine Gas Oil delivers efficient, reliable power to maritime vessels, meeting industry standards with precision.

Marine Fuel Oil (180 CST and 380 CST)

We offer versatile Marine Fuel Oils, including 180 CST and 380 CST options, engineered for peak vessel performance.

Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil

Our Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil aligns with strict emission standards, ensuring compliance and greener maritime operations.


Our premium lubricants safeguard marine engines and machinery, extending their lifespan while optimizing performance.

Fresh Water

Depend on us for a reliable supply of fresh, potable water to keep crews comfortable and hydrated at sea.

Vessel Provisions

Explore our comprehensive range of vessel provisions, meeting daily onboard needs with quality supplies.

Vessel Equipments

Elevate vessel performance, safety, and efficiency with our advanced marine equipment and technology solutions.

Vessel Spare Part

Our extensive selection of spare parts ensures vessel reliability, minimizing downtime for uninterrupted operations.

Marine Equipments

Access top-quality marine equipment for navigation, communication, safety, and cargo handling needs, keeping your vessels well-equipped for all missions.

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